HUGE DAY TODAY – big ride but I also…

Properly tightened the chain for the very 1st time.

– 1st loosen the rear wheel.

– 2nd super gently adjust the little screws that pull the wheel back about 1/2 cm or so.

Fingers crossed.

PS. These crappy bikes should also be checked for loose nuts and bolts every 2-3 weeks. Strangely she’s as tight as a drum and continues to start after 1 second…super impressed considering this is not only the cheapest bike you can buy but also considered one of the jankiest. Well, again, I am incredibly impressed by its reliability and joy it has brought me in the 2000km I’ve had it. I will try to put at least 20km on it this summer. FUCKING LOVE THIS THING!!!

Ohh…I also love going to the gas station for my 3 Euro fill once a month…LOL~~